Personal Sound Amplifier enhances image – invigorates life!

A personal sound amplifier can be a low cost alternative to a hearing aid. Or it could be a small step towards a hearing aid. Sure, hearing aids have a better, and costlier technology, but a hearing aid might end up making you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. If you think you have a hearing problem, you should consult your doctor, but for some people, a personal sound amplifier makes the most sense.


Personal Sound Amplifier – IntelliEAR®

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High Tech Design | Affordable Price

Better yet, get a personal sound amplifier that is disguised to look like a cell phone earpiece. Cell phone earpieces are everywhere today and everyone’s wearing them. Stylish, fashionable and high-tech, everyone will think you’re on the cutting edge of smart phone technology. Instead you’ll be secretly turning up the volume on all the sounds around you.


Personal Sound Amplifier | IntelliEAR®

Introducing IntelliEAR®, a revolutionary personal sound amplifier system. Affordable, lightweight and compact, you won’t even feel like it’s there. Sporting a soft foam grip that fits snuggly over your ear, left or right, big or small, IntelliEAR® fits most all.

With IntelliEAR®‘s sharp, discreet style, and directional amplification, now you can hear all the sounds around you – even the ones you might miss the most.

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